New LED Products can Help Light Your Way

Lighting can be one of the most difficult things to get right in the closet. Often they only have one over head light fixture if they have any at all and it may not cast the most flattering light on your clothes.The closet may not have been wired for electricity or it’s in an awkward space that makes putting in recessed lighting difficult. You don’t want to spend a fortune remodeling just so you can see your clothes when you’re getting dressed in the morning! Luckily thanks to modern advancements with LEDs it doesn’t have to cost an arm and a leg to add task or accent lighting to any space. LEDs have come a long way from the bright bluish white hues that first hit the market in the Nineties. Now they can come all shapes, colors, and sizes; and can bend and twist to fit any space. Continue reading

5 Tips for Getting Your Closet Ready for Spring

Spring is here and that means its time to shed ourselves our layers and break out our spring fashion. This is the perfect time to get organized and rid yourself of unused and ill-fitting clothes and free up space for your spring wardrobe. Organizing and decluttering can be a difficult task but here are some tips to help you shed some winter layers and get your wardrobe ready for spring. Continue reading