5 Tips for Getting Your Closet Ready for Spring

Spring is here and that means its time to shed ourselves our layers and break out our spring fashion. This is the perfect time to get organized and rid yourself of unused and ill-fitting clothes and free up space for your spring wardrobe. Organizing and decluttering can be a difficult task but here are some tips to help you shed some winter layers and get your wardrobe ready for spring.

1. Remove everything from the closet

Even if you’re sure you’ll be keeping it, take everything out of the closet and organize it into piles. The way you sort you piles is up to you. Whether it is by color, season, or how often you wear it. Just make sure nothing is left inside the closet. Then as an added spring cleaning bonus you can dust the inside of the closet and remove excess junk that has accumulated over the years.

2. Be ruthless

By now you probably have several large piles of clothing on your bed and your starting to have second thoughts about going through with this, but don’t let negative thoughts get the better of you. The common rule of thumb is that if you haven’t worn it in six months then its time to go. This can seem unreasonable, but it is a good rule to follow. If that seem far too strict it best to start small. Go through your seasonal clothes that will be going into seasonal storage. If you didn’t wear something this year then its probably a good bet you won’t wear it next year. Go through each pile and toss out clothes that you haven’t worn for a year or more. Then, of it still feels like you have to much go through each pile again shortening the window you last wore it.

3. Get rid of damaged goods

Now is the time to toss out any tattered clothes, loose threads, pilling sweaters, or stained dresses. If you’ve been meaning to take these damaged clothes in to get fixed, ask yourself “If this piece is really important to you, why have you waited till now to get it fixed?” If you don’t have a good answer to that question chuck it. If a piece hold sentimental value to you but you just can’t see yourself wearing it anymore, clean it, and store it in a box away from your regular clothes.

4. Trim the multiples

If you have multiples blouses or bras in the same color consider getting rid of a couple. Chances are you have one or two you haven’t worn as much as the rest. Lose the stragglers and you’ve suddenly opened up more closet space without throwing out a more unique piece.

5. Admire your work

Now that you have the stuff going into seasonal storage packed up and the stuff you’re getting rid of are ready to be donated or disposed of, take the time to put back things in your closet in a neat organized way. After this is done take a step back and admire the job you just did. Pat yourself on the back and decompress before your next organizing task because an organizers job is never done!

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