A Stylish Men’s Wardrobe in a Downtown Loft

With the amount of  old warehouses and factories being re-purposed as new condos and apartments downtown, especially in the north loop area, urban living has never been hotter. If you are moving into a newly renovated apartment or condo that use to be an old warehouse or factory there are some things to be aware of. Since these buildings weren’t used as residential buildings originally they will likely have minimal or even no closet space. The contractor renovating the building might have only added enough space for a reach-in closet in the bedroom.

This was the exact problem this couple found themselves in when they moved into a newly renovated loft apartment in the north loop area of downtown. There was a reach-in closet that was large enough to fit her things but that left her husband without a place to keep his clothes. He needed enough space to store with suits, shoes, ties, and belts; while also keeping the hanging clothes behind doors to keep the visual clutter to a minimum. Finally, The couple wanted the wardrobe to match their condos modern industrial aesthetic.

To achieve their goals the right side of the wardrobe was made 24″ deep this allowed the hanging clothes to fit nicely behind doors. Since the cabinets were extra deep, roll-out shoe shelves were added at the bottom. This way two rows of shoes could be stored on one shelf to save space. The open shelves on the left side were made shallower to allow plenty of room to walk around the bed. To match the rest of their home, the couple chose a White Zebrine textured melamine door and drawer fronts. This modern material gives the look and feel of real wood without the costs associated with stained wood.

Closets: Men's Wardrobe in Minneapolis

Closets: Men's Wardrobe in Minneapolis
The tie and belt racks are hidden behind the door where suits are kept.

Closets: Men's Wardrobe in Minneapolis

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