3rd Annual Employee Appreciation Cruise on Lake Minnetonka

We had our 3rd Annual Employee Appreciation Cruise recently to celebrate all the hard work our employees have put in this year to make it our best year ever! It was a perfect evening thanks to Al and Alma’s Dinner Cruises and our wonderful boat staff and captain. We’ve grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years and could not be happier with the team we have put together. We hope to continue providing top notch service in the months and years to come!

Twin Cities Closet Co. Annual Employee Boat Cruise

Twin Cities Closet Co. Annual Employee Boat Cruise

New Textured Melamine now Available

We are excited to announce we are offering eight new textured melamine colors as an upgrade option! These beautiful new melamine evoke the feeling and beauty of real wood without the large cost associated with staining real wood. These new melamine come in cool neutral colors that are suitable for all design projects and emphasize the beauty of wood-print. The textures of the new melamine mimic the luxurious beauty of hand brushed elm. The matte-oiled surface replicates hours of hand polishing emphasizing the natural cathedrals, straight grain and crosscut characteristics of this wood pattern. The 3-dimensional nature of this finish creates beautiful relief and light reflections in all vertical and horizontal applications. This finish is perfect for commercial and residential settings alike. Click to see more information about some our new melamine.

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