Twin Cities Closet Company Joins GuildQuality’s Community of Quality

Guild Quality Logo

Twin Cities Closet Company is pleased to announce their new affiliation with GuildQuality. North America’s leading customer satisfaction surveying provider for the residential construction industry, GuildQuality helps thousands of home builders, remodelers, and home services professionals, improve their delivery of customer service.

Twin Cities Closet Company strives to provide the best experience possible to their clients, and becoming a member of GuildQuality’s community of quality serves to support that mission.

In order to honestly assess how well Twin Cities Closet Company is performing, GuildQuality gathers unbiased feedback from their clients, and provides the responses to Twin Cities Closet Company in real-time, allowing them the opportunity to follow up with clients and correct any mistakes.

In addition to assembling authentic feedback from their customers, Twin Cities Closet Company, now has the opportunity to monitor employee performance and trends more closely. GuildQuality features an advanced reporting suite which enables Twin Cities Closet Company to analyze their customer feedback in a variety of ways, furthering their understanding about what is working well within their company and what could be improved upon.

Twin Cities Closet Company knows that homeowners, now more than ever, are relying on experiences from previous customers before selecting a company to hire. With that in mind, Twin Cities Closet Company uses their GuildQuality Member Profile page to display customer comments, project photos, and more.

4 Things to Consider for Wall Beds

Adding a wall bed to a space can give a room dual purpose and save considerable square footage. However there are things to consider before you add one to your home. The first and biggest thing to consider is how much room you actually have and how much room a wall bed will take when it’s up and when it’s down. When they are folded up wall beds add 1-2 feet of thickness to a wall.  One choice to decrease thickness is to go into the wall to prevent the loss of footage in the room itself when the bed is up. If you have ample space a more cost effective way is to have the bed sit in a cabinet on the wall. Continue reading