Our family business is exactly that, a family. Though we may not all share a family tree; each of us bring something special to the table. Our team members continuously work to expand our growing business, though we still find some time to celebrate them by boating now and again (what can we say? It’s in our blood!) Whether it be our designers, manufacturers, or installers, we work together to ensure our customers receive an incredible product and excellent customer that only a local company can provide.

Sales & Design

Our skilled Sales & Design team are the artists behind each unique design. They work directly with our customers, starting from scratch to create a completely custom design perfectly suited for our customers lifestyle, taste and needs.


Our production team are the guys and gals behind the scenes working to bring each design to life. Our storage solutions are made right here in Minnesota by our team before they are installed in the client’s home. Our production team members work carefully to craft storage solutions before the final step in our process.


Once each custom project is designed and produced, the real fun begins. Our installation team assembles and installs the storage solution in the client’s home. These craftsmen make the dream a reality.


Resumes can be sent to info@tccloset.com