Custom Closet Design Services

Full-Service Designer Solutions

Experience the luxury and reliability you and your home deserve by working with Twin Cities Closet Company for all of your custom closet creation or upgrade needs. The process begins with a complimentary in-home consultation with an expert closet designer who will help inventory your items, take the necessary measurements and work with you to understand your storage needs, aesthetic preferences and budget for the project.

Whether you’re looking to create the luxury walk-in closet of your dreams or a custom storage solution tailored to your family’s lifestyle, the designer on your project will help you make every decision from the tiny details to the major design choices.

Throughout the design process and beyond, Twin Cities Closet Company will be your single point of contact for the project. This means no coordinating with outside companies or vendors, ensuring your vision remains intact for the entirety of the project.

Designing With the High-Tech and the Tactile

Twin Cities Closet Company uses many techniques during the design process to make sure your closet turns out exactly as you want it to. By utilizing leading design software, your designer will be able to create a 3D image of your space so you can get an accurate view from all angles.

After viewing your designs, visit the Twin Cities Closet Company Minneapolis showroom so you can experience the difference in material quality firsthand. The follow-up appointment also gives the designer a chance to work with you to choose the luxury details that make your closet space unique — materials, lighting, accessories and countertops.

Custom Closets Made By Hand in Minneapolis

Once you are completely satisfied with your design, your custom closet project is brought to the skilled Twin Cities Closet Company production team. This is where your design comes to life,  meticulously placed, sanded, banded and crafted by hand with preparation for installation done by using screen-to-machine technology and state-of-the-art equipment.

In-House Expert Installation Team

Once your closet is ready for installation, each component of your custom project is packaged and carefully loaded into a Twin Cities Closet Company van for safe transportation.

The care and consideration continues when the installation team gets to work making your space into the custom home storage you have been dreaming of. Each expert installer is an employee of Twin Cities Closet Company, never subcontractors. They are skilled, courteous, professional and take pride in ensuring your designer closet is installed to perfection, and that your house and family are treated with respect and courtesy.

Once completed, the installation team will make sure to leave your space clean and organized with your new custom storage solution.

Then, use your space as you always dreamed!

The Twin Cities Closet Company Promise

From design to building to installation, every facet of your custom closet project is done by a Twin Cities Closet Company employee or a trusted partner. This allows each client and custom project to get the time and dedication they deserve while guaranteeing the work holds up to rigorous standards of quality.

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