Twin Cities Closet Company Warranty


Who Provides Coverage for Your Purchase?
This warranty is provided by Twin Cities Closet Company.

What is Covered?
Twin Cities Closet Company will cover materials, workmanship and parts.

Warranty Length
Twin Cities Closet Company offers a limited lifetime warranty for parts and manufacturer’s defects as long as you own your home. The warranty is not transferrable if the customer sells their home or purchases a home with Twin Cities Closet Company product installed. The warranty will be voided if all sums due for agreed-upon work are not paid or if the product is moved by someone other than Twin Cities Closet Company.

How to Use Warranty
If a problem due to workmanship, materials, or parts arises, please contact Twin Cities Closet Company to schedule an appointment and Twin Cities Closet Company will assess and repair the problem. If a part/product has been discontinued, Twin Cities Closet Company will replace it with a similar part/product.

Warranty Conditions
Twin Cities Closet Company purchases materials from vendors throughout the country that we use to manufacture our product. Vendors may discontinue a part or change the color. Twin Cities Closet Company reserves the right to select a substitute for the discontinued part that Twin Cities Closet Company determines is of equal quality. Measures will be taken to find a product that matches the original color as closely as possible. A perfect match will not be guaranteed.

What is NOT Covered
This warranty does not cover:

  1. Work done by other parties other than Twin Cities Closet Company
  2. Normal wear and tear.
  3. Defects resulting from abuse; neglect; misuse; unreasonable use; environmental conditions; and exposure to extreme temperature, humidity, and water.
  4. Melamine, wood veneers, and wood products to the extent that a warranty claim relates to properties inherent to them, including but not limited to, variance due to: sun, light exposure or smoke; fading with time, variations in grain from sample to full scale projects; variations in graining from sheet to sheet; stability in varying temperatures and environments; and tendencies to scratch and show scratches.

Real Wood Warranty
Because of the natural variations in wood and the hand finishing techniques used to create the product, finish colors may vary from piece to piece. These warranties do not cover such variations. Twin Cities Closet Company is not responsible for variations in the wood.

Your Responsibilities to Maintain the Warranty
To keep this warranty in effect, you must

  1. Pay the full purchase price.
  2. Use products only as intended (e.g., do not store items on a shelf if those items are heavier than the load that shelf is designed to bear).
  3. Use products only at the location where originally installed.
  4. Follow all maintenance and care instructions provided to you.

Customer Service for Warranties
Contact Twin Cities Closet Company at (612) 623-0987.  An appointment will be scheduled to have a Twin Cities Closet Company technician come to your home to determine a plan to fix the issue. Once a plan is determined, Twin Cities Closet Company will contact you to set up an appointment to return to your home to fix the issue.

Warranty Last Updated July 18th, 2016