Organizing Tips For a Fashionable Closet

We’ve all had this problem at one point in our lives: we have all these great trendy clothes but good luck finding them in our over-stuffed closets. It feels like we have nothing to wear even though our closet is busting at the seams. Unfortunately our brand new clothes don’t come with a guide on how to keep them neat and organized, but thanks to these handy closet organizing tips you’ll be able find your beautiful new pair of shoes and you’ll be displaying them in style.

Hats and Scarves
Cleats with hooks and pegs on an empty wall make an attractive statement along with neatly displaying your collection of hats and scarves. No more rummaging through boxes or drawers to find the one scarf that goes with everything!

Creative Accessory Organization

Bags and Purses
Another neat use of an empty wall is to stick heavier duty hooks on the wall to display your purse collection, rather than stuffing them up on the top shelf where they’re hard to reach. As a bonus, add stylish wallpaper to this wall to really make your collection pop!

Handbag Organization

If shoes are your weakness you know how much of a nightmare it can be to find a pair that goes with your outfit when you need it. Without a way to display your collection it becomes a hunt through shoe boxes deep in the closet.

If you have a lot of shoes, the best way to display them all is shelves, shelves, and more shelves. Luckily, depending on the size you wear, you can get away with shallower shelves than you would normally for storing other things.

Instead of stuffing your jewelry in a dark drawers, display it with pride on a board with hooks to hang necklaces, bracelets, and earrings.

Transitional Bedroom


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