Case Study: Garage Makeover in Minnetonka

Garages have become the catch-all storage place for the home. When something doesn’t have a place inside the home then it usually finds it’s way into the garage. Everything from tools and sports equipment, to memorabilia and off season clothes gets stored in the garage. With so much being stored in the garage its easy to become overwhelmed if you don’t have a sufficient storage solutions  for everything. A family in Minnetonka decided enough was enough and set out to remodel their entire garage. They contacted us to design, build, and install all new garage cabinets as well as Garage Floor Coating of Minnesota to have their concrete floor resurfaced and refinished. They also had new sheet rock put in to give the garage a more finished look.

Minnetonka Garage Before 2

Before: The garage only had minimal shelving space and make-shift shelves were already packed to the gills with boxes.

Garage in Minnetonka, MN
After: New tall cabinets with doors keep the less frequently used boxes out of sight and off the floor.

Garage Work Bench Before

Before: The old workbench area had no storage for tools and quickly became just a catch-all area for things that didn’t have a place.

Garage in Minnetonka, MN
After: The new work bench has plenty of drawers for tool storage and built-in LED lighting in the upper cabinets ensures plenty of light to work no matter the time of the day.


Garage in Minnetonka, MN
A section of stone wall with hooks for bikes keeps the family’s bikes off the floor and near the entrance for easy access.

Garage in Minnetonka, MN

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