Walk-In Closet Size Guide & Dimensions

Walk-in closets come in different sizes and floorplans, not to mention they keep your clothes and other belongings out of sight from the rest of your bedroom. In order to get the most out of your walk-in closet, the floorplan must be meticulously designed for optimal storage.

You may be familiar with the standard styles of walk-in closets: single-sided, double-sided, island walk-in, and wrap-around.

The truth is, you can make any work within reason. It’s all about optimizing the space for your walk-in closet floorplans.

If well designed, even small walk-in closet sizes can be a luxury. We’ve put together some tips on how to get the most out of your master walk-in closet, no matter the size or floorplan.

Different Walk-In Closet Floorplans

There are a few common shapes of floorplans we see based on the size of your master closet and its shape. If you have his-and-her walk-in closets, these same suggestions apply.

Small & Square

Small walk-in closets are generally around 5×5 ft, or 20-30 sq. ft. They may not be opulent, but they’re still functional. Our experts suggest having open shelves on two of the walls with drawers underneath. That way, you have room for hanging on the other two, potentially with more drawer storage or shoe storage underneath.

Long & Narrow

If your walk-in closet is around 45-60 sq. ft., with a 6×9, 5×10, 6×10, or a 5×12 layout, there’s plenty of space to work with. Our closet designers would suggest having hanging bars 72 inches off the ground on one, or either side of the long walls.

If you choose to hang on one side, you could have shelving and drawers on the other. If you hang on both sides, there could be storage underneath or at the short end. Where your master walk-in closet’s door is located will play a role in your walk-in closet floorplan, but our experts will work with you to maximize the space.


The bigger your walk-in closet size, the more options you have in the design. For closets larger than 100 sq. ft., you could consider having an island set up in the middle of the space. An island is a great option to store jewelry and accessories, or other smaller items of clothing like socks, ties, and more.

Design elements could include plenty of space for hanging, shelves for shoes or handbags, a wall of drawers, and so much more.

Separating racks that are dedicated to shoes and jackets will prevent congestion from your everyday clothes. Bigger closets require more organization to prevent your space from gradually shrinking on itself.

Let Twin Cities Closet Company Optimize Your Walk-in Closet Floorplan

Whether you know exactly what you want for your walk-in closet, or you’d like some suggestions on optimal layouts, Twin Cities Closet Company can design the closet of your dreams. Regardless of large or small size, your walk-in closet will create a unique closet design to fit your storage needs. Learn more about our process and contact us today.

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