How A Reach-In Closet Renovation Helps You Create More Space

One of the great things about homes around Minneapolis and St. Paul is that a lot of them are very old. They’re rich with history and boast good bones and plenty of character. But our storage needs today aren’t what they were 100 years ago. Many of these older homes have reach-in closets, rather than walk-in. Luckily, the experts at Twin Cities Closet Company can help make the most of your space with a reach-in closet renovation.

How Deep Is a Standard Reach-In Closet?

A standard reach-in closet is usually 6 ft. long, 8 ft. high, and 24 in. deep, but can vary in size and shape. Yes, they’re considerably smaller than, say, a walk-in closet, but that doesn’t mean there isn’t tons of potential.

Check out some of the things we can do with reach-in closets here!


Closet Cramping Your Style?

Don’t let a small space affect your big closet dreams. We know how to renovate a bedroom closet and maximize your space with both hanging and shelving systems. Think about it this way: You’re feeling limited because your reach-in closet has one rod horizontally for hanging things, maybe some kind of hanging organization contraption, and then shoes piled every which way on the floor. You see a tiny, unorganized space. We see potential!

The first thing you need to do when deciding what’s important to you in a closet is to assess what you’re storing. Is it mostly clothing that needs to be hung, or do you prefer folding your clothing? Do you have too many shoes on the ground, and could benefit from a shoe rack? Once you have these questions answered, you’ll start to see the big picture.

Where We Come In

Once we discuss your visions for your reach-in closet renovation, it’s our job to redesign your closets to maximize space and functionality. This is going to be different for everyone because we all utilize our spaces differently. That’s why we at Twin Cities Closet Company take time to personalize details and designs to fit your specific needs and create maximum efficiency.

Give Yourself Some Space

With help from the passionate crew at Twin Cities Closet Company, what was once wasted space in your claustrophobic-feeling closet could include long-hang, medium-hang, and/or double-hang options, not to mention drawers, baskets, shelves, and accessories (just to name a few).

Renovating and customizing your reach-in closet is so much more than adding a shelf here and a drawer there. Here are a few extras you might not have considered:

Space for Accessories

If you’re a big fan of accessories like jewelry, ties, purses, and more, part of your reach-in closet renovation should be a space that will keep these items organized. For jewelry, we can design special drawers, or hanging options that will keep jewelry from tangling, and to make all your pretty pieces easily available. Have an abundance of neckties? We’ll customize tie racks or drawers to fit your tie storage needs to a T!


Extra light can not only brighten up your space, but it can actually make spaces seem larger. LED lights could be a great addition to your reach-in closet renovation not only for visibility, but also for a visually appealing appearance.

Soft-Close Drawer Mechanisms

No one likes the slam of a drawer first thing in the morning, or really, ever. Our soft-close drawer mechanisms ensure that you never hear a peep when opening or closing the drawers in your reach-in closet. Your ears (and anyone you live with) will thank you.

Let’s Get Started

Whether you don’t know the first thing about how to renovate a bedroom closet, or you’ve envisioned your dream reach-in closet renovation for years, we’re ready to help. Contact Twin Cities Closet Company today to schedule a complimentary virtual or in-person closet consultation. Want some extra inspiration before starting your reach-in closet renovation? Check out our showrooms in Minneapolis or the West Metro!

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