How to Organize Your Closet

You love your clothes. Organizing them? Well, that can be an overwhelming task. Everyone goes through it. You purchase your clothing with the best of intentions, loving each piece before you take it home. Then you step into your closet and your heart sinks. There’s just no space.

With a little bit of bravery, honesty, and these tips for organizing your closet, you can solve your organization problems and cut through the clutter.

Consider Your Closet Organization Needs

If you’re wondering how to organize your closet, you can’t just read other people’s tips. You have to consider your own needs. How do you decide what to wear each day? Do you check the weather on your phone or do you check your calendar for important meetings?

When you’re organizing your closet, your lifestyle matters. While organizing by color might make sense to some, keeping dress clothing separate from everyday clothing might be more important to others. Having a shoe wall might be an idea that looks great on Pinterest but if you just wear your favorite heels every day, that space might be better used to house sweater storage.

Raise the Bar (Or Lower It)

Apply a little strategy to hanging your clothes. Consider everything from the little things, like the type of hanger you’re using, to the big things, such as how many bars you have.

Hanging extra bars in your closet at different levels can add an amazing amount of space to your closet. But first, when you’re considering how to organize your closet, you first have to take into account what kinds of clothing you have. If you mostly have shirts, the bars can be hung over one another. If you own maxi dresses and long sweaters that are always dragging on the ground, consider raising the bar closer to the ceiling, leaving room underneath to store your shoes. Wa la!

Looking for a simple tip for organizing your closet that can be done in a matter of hours? Here it is! The hangers that your clothing is stored on matter. When you’re organizing your closet space, it’s important to have a sense of consistency.

Matching all of your hangers is a simple, cost-effective way to clean up your closet’s aesthetic quickly. Slim hangers save space and add a modern touch. Matching sets, favorite outfits, and suits can be kept together with simple connector hooks.

Make Your Decor Do Double Duty

Mirrors and lighting are stylish statements, sure. But they can also make a huge difference when it comes to keeping your closet organized. Mirrors add space and light as well as offer a place to double-check your daily fit.

Adding LED lighting to cabinets and shelving can help keep your closet organized in the long run. It’s easy to see messes accumulate when you can see what’s on display with one glance. This feature eliminates the temptation of overstuffing shelves and displays, keeping your closet clean after the initial organizing process is through.

Display Your Favorites

Do you have a set of beautiful purses? Do you collect hats? Just because something is wearable, doesn’t mean it has to be tucked away. Treat favorite parts of your wardrobe like the wearable art it is.

Floating shelves and displays can be added to bedrooms or hallways, giving you more space in your closet for everyday clothing and allowing that cowboy hat you found at a flea market in New Mexico to bask in the attention it deserves.

Tips for Organizing Your Closet Seasonally

Minnesota’s weather demands a wide variety of clothing from its citizens. While it’s difficult to stay indoors when spring rolls around, it’s important to take some time to transition your wardrobe with the seasons.

Here are some quick tips for organizing your closet for the change of seasons:

  1. Take all your seasonal clothing out of the closet. Don’t forget the accessories. Sort your scarves, shoes, and even your socks. Consider the use of a rolling rack for these sorts of large-scale organizational projects.
  2. Inspect your wardrobe. Look for stains, loose buttons, and holes. Do your future self a favor and fix these issues before storing them away for the season.
  3. Be honest with yourself. Are there some pieces that just don’t fit anymore? What about pieces that have seen better days? This is a great time to take those items to the thrift store. If you want an organized closet, only keep the pieces that you’re going to wear.
  4. Dedicate a separate space for your seasonal wardrobe. Whether this is a special cabinet in your closet or a different closet altogether, keeping your seasonal items separate will keep your everyday closet from becoming too cluttered.

If You Don’t Love It, Let It Go

You know the drill. That shirt has been taking up space in your closet for too long. You two just don’t seem to fit together anymore. You haven’t taken it off the hanger in months. It’s not the shirt, it’s you. Right? Breaking up with your clothing can be rough but it’s easier when your clothing is going to a great new home, where it will be loved.

If you want the best life for your new clothes, be sure and clean them before sending them off. Put them in a box, or better yet, a clear plastic bin rather than a garbage bag. Label your clothes with a few details such as the size range and season and they’ll have a better chance of getting into the right hands.

Purging your closet regularly is the most important tip for organizing your closet, you simply won’t have the closet of your dreams if it’s half full of clothing you never wear anymore. Go ahead, be honest with yourself. We believe in you.

Expand Your Horizons

We demand a lot from our closets. Not only is it a space to organize and store our clothing, it’s often the space where we get ready for the day. An easy way to organize your closet when it’s doing too much? Give it a break! Alleviate some of that pressure and create a new space.

Whether it’s a section in your closet or a corner of your room, treat yourself to a dedicated space for getting ready. You can call it your dressing room, if you’re fancy.

This space could be something as simple as a valet rod to set aside your outfits for the week on. A vanity is another popular option to organize the little things such as that can clutter up a closet. Consisting of a table, chair, and a mirror, vanities are a great budget option.

Those with large walk-ins might want to consider a closet island. Offering more storage underneath the counter, a closet island offers you a place to lay out outfits and prepare yourself for the day ahead.

Ask For Help

If you want to know how to organize your closet but don’t know where to start, there’s no harm in bringing in reinforcements. If you want a closet that’s built with organization in mind, request a consultation with our expert closet designers, today!

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