Custom Laundry Room Storage Designed with Convenience in Mind

Expand Your Home’s Storage Space

Laundry rooms often tend to top the list of the most inefficient and neglected places in our homes. Whether they are in high-traffic areas or are out of sight in a corner that everyone in your household seems to avoid, when it comes to home storage potential, Twin Cities Closet Company can help. Our experienced designers will partner with you and go over your needs to create laundry room storage that is organized and efficient.

Custom Laundry Room Storage

Laundry may seem like a never-ending task, but with Twin Cities Closet Company you can enhance the space you use to sort, fold and clean linens and clothes. Custom laundry room cabinets in clean white or antique white finishes can create a peaceful storage space while wood grain cabinets provide warmth and can match your home décor. Our systems are custom-designed and installed to accommodate any space, any size washer and dryer, and any size family. From simple tilt-down hampers to complete laundry room makeovers featuring customized shelving units, laminate countertops, hang-dry areas and built-in ironing boards; you might just stop avoiding your dirty laundry and start looking forward to laundry day in your custom laundry room.


Twin Cities Closet Company upholds our promise of complete customization for every inch of your custom laundry room. From traditional to contemporary, we offer trending materials for custom laundry rooms and laundry room cabinets, which include Takase Teak, Charcoal, London Grey and Cannella Rustik.

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