Awkward Angles Turn into Spacious Dressing Room – Eden Prairie


We recently completed a beautiful dressing room in Eden Prairie for a client that had recently purchased a beautiful new home in the Edenvale Highlands neighborhood. She wanted to create a spacious master suite complete with a large walk-in dressing room. The closet area was large but awkward angles and duct work for the floor below made utilizing the entire space a challenge. Our designer came up with a solution to hide the unsightly duct work beneath the hanging section and covered them up with full size shaker doors in an antique white finish. The awkward angled walls on the opposite side of the room had plenty of space to serve as shoe storage. Finally the client wanted a hutch unit with drawers to hold her jewelry collection.

Photo Aug 04, 2 02 11 PM
Before: The client wanted to cover up the duct work for the floor below.


Photo Aug 04, 2 02 18 PM
Before: The awkward angles on this wall made maximizing the space a challenge
Closets: Antique White Shaker Closet in Eden Prairie
After: The larger shaker doors hide the duct work and provide ample hanging for dresses and suits.
Closets: Eden Prairie Walk-In Closet With Shelves
After: Shoe Shelves in the corner solve the accessibility problem by the angled walls
Closets: Walk-In Closet in Eden Prairie, MN
After: This beautiful hutch unit stores underwear, socks, and jewelry

When working in room with angled walls its important to consider how you will access items against the angled wall. Angled walls usually block drawers and pull-outs, and depending on the angle make accessing clothes on hanging rods more difficult. This is why using shelving stacks can be the most efficient use of space on angled walls because it doesn’t block access of things such as folded items or shoes.

Closets: White Walk-In Closet in Eden Prairie, MN

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