10 Stylish His and Hers Closet Ideas

The idea of a his and hers closet is fairly straightforward: a storage space for clothing that has a binary division between one person’s stuff and another’s. These days they’re also referred to as “dual closets” or “shared closets.”

Whatever you call them, a closet for two needs to be a space that makes both owners feel happy, comfortable, and represented. The easiest way to accomplish that goal is by working with a contractor to create a custom solution for you and your partner’s particular storage needs.

Before you make any design decisions, it’s fun to look around and see the options available to you. To make things easier, we’ve gathered ten of our favorite his and hers closet ideas below:

Offbeat Built-Ins

Built-ins are integral to most master closet designs, but that doesn’t mean your closet has to use the same materials as everyone else. Don’t be afraid to try something out of the box for your built-ins like painted wood, glass front cabinets, or pegboards.

Using Vintage Furniture to Divide Space

It’s always a good idea to consider the division of space when designing a his and hers closet. You can elevate the division of your closet space by placing favored pieces of vintage furniture in the middle of your closet. By creating a visual divide in the center of the space, you’ll better define each individual side while actively highlighting your own unique style.

Rotating Storage Systems

Have you ever seen a “Lazy Lee”? It’s a colloquial name for a spinning shoe rack that allows homeowners to store and rotate through a large number of shoes without them taking up too much closet space. Rotating storage systems like that are the perfect way to fit more storage into your closet while maintaining ease of access. An excellent choice for couples who both love minimalist design and owning lots of accessories.

Including Islands

We’re not talking about sandy beaches here. Instead, we’re talking about a great way to create a customizable and practical division of space in your closet. An island offers two main benefits: additional drawer storage and a flat surface for staging outfits or folding clothing.

Open Shelving

When most people consider closets, they think of how they’ll put everything away. We invite you to flip your thinking and consider what you want to leave out instead. Open shelving gives you the opportunity to display some of your favorite items. This idea works especially well for his and hers closets because it gives both parties an opportunity to highlight things they consider important, such as shoes and bags.

Luxury Lighting

All closets need light, but that doesn’t mean all closets need the same kind of light. Consider selections like chandeliers, artisanal pendant lamps, or color-changing LED lights to add fun and function to your closet upgrade.

Mirrors on the Wall

This suggestion has two benefits: mirrors help make smaller spaces feel larger and make sure you know you’re looking great before you leave every day. Full length mirrors, mirrors on doors, circular mirrors, mirrors hung in vintage frames — the options are endless!

A Memorable Entrance

The most important part of a closet is how it holds and stores clothing, but that’s not the only important part. The entrance to your closet has as much opportunity to be stylish and memorable as the rest of it. Consider a sliding barn door for a rustic vibe or frosted glass for something that feels more modern. More often than not, the company that designs your custom closet won’t be the same company that installs the entrance–that’s okay! Hiring designers based on their unique expertise always leads to a better overall outcome.

One thing that’s important to remember–there’s always room for a walk-in his and hers closet. Sometimes you have to be creative when finding the space, but that’s why there are professionals like the team at Twin Cities Closet Company around to help. Get in touch with our team to see how we can help you turn any of these ideas (or others you bring to us) into reality.

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